Mind Body Aligned

Mind Body Aligned

The universe truly works in magical ways. Roughly a year and a half ago I was at one of my all-time lowest points. It certainly didn’t help that I got in not one, but two, car accidents within 5 weeks. The second accident was pretty traumatizing and totaled not only my car, but the remainder of the spirit I was fighting to hold on to. I’m pretty stoic when it comes to pain, and I didn’t think I needed to do anything for my whiplash, I figured it would just heal in time. Mike was seeing a wonderful chiropractor and going to physical therapy for his own injuries and loved the doctor and practice he found. He was adamant that I go too. I’ve been pretty real with you guys throughout this blog, but my social anxiety was off the charts at this time. I couldn’t even begin to contemplate making a phone call, scheduling an appointment, and meeting a whole new group of people. ESPECIALLY people who already knew Mike, the ultimate people person. The whole thing was terrifying. Mike, bless his heart, set up everything for me and hand delivered me to my first appointment. Never in a million years would I have guessed that a year and a half later I’d be doing an interview piece on the doctor I saw throughout my accident recovery, Dr. Sarah Corcoran, DC.

After not having seen or talked to Sarah since last December, I recently found out that she launched her own company, Mind Body Aligned. Dr. Sarah earned a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from Kenyon College and her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer West in California. She “is a passionate advocate for a natural lifestyle through healthy eating, intentful living, diligent fitness and continued self-care. She believes in living a bright and balanced life centered around ongoing personal growth and helping others reach their goals during their journey (www.mindbodyaligned.org).” She further developed her credentials through the Institute for Functional Medicine and Well Life Coaching program. Capitalizing on the close intertwining of mental and physical health, Dr. Sarah unified her passions to create her own company, Mind Body Aligned.

You guys….she is my ultimate role model! I cannot even tell you how excited I was to find out the path Dr. Sarah had taken since I last saw her over a year ago. As you all know, the area of health and wellness is something that I too feel very passionate about and would love to work in. I reached out to Sarah, curious to find out more and ask her some questions, and she immediately responded that she would be happy to talk with me. She ended up spending over an hour on the phone with me and we had an incredible conversation. Her kindness, knowledge and inner light are genuine and infectious. From a lot of the research I’ve done, so much of the world of health coaching seems to be fraudulent for lack of a better word. Many seem to be in the business for the wrong reasons, to focus on solely body image which is extremely toxic, or to be some sort of large scale sales pyramid scheme.

I am beyond honored to share that I am going to be an affiliate partner for Mind Body Aligned! Dr. Sarah is developing a variety of programs, and the first one focuses on the stomach, bloating, and the belly. The program outlines foods for gut health, complete with an anti-inflammatory and gut healing grocery list and a variety of other nutritional PDF’s. The next week focuses on fitness and visually teaches you the top 10 core exercises (and how to perform them to avoid injury!) The program then shifts into self-care, stress relief, and mindfulness.

Allison hit the nail on the head in her prior post (READ IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!) by exploring how we need to prioritize our health and bodies for the right reasons! As she says, “eat healthy and exercise your heart and muscles because you want to have energy, sleep better, and have a better quality of life” and even furthermore (and i love this so much) “You’re one of a kind. Take care of yourself and your body because you ARE one of a kind. There’s only one you and you are completely and totally needed in this world”.

I am going into week 3 of the program and feel strong, empowered, healthy and centered. Keep an eye on my personal Facebook and Instagram as I will be sharing more as I continue through this program. I’m so excited at the thought of you all doing this program with me. The link to sign up is as follows:


Talk about an unbeatable investment into your health in a completely genuine, organic, and sustainable way!! Who else is ready for a healthy spring?! Also, be sure to follow Mind Body Aligned on Facebook and on instagram @mindbodyaligned so you don’t miss a second of Dr. Sarah’s inspiring and empowering content. And share share share! Let’s all rally in this amazing community to support others and build up small business owners! This girl is just getting started!

My full interview with Sarah is below. All content under the bold questions are Sarah’s words. Read on and prepare to be amazed and inspired! YOU can do anything you put your mind to!

With so much love,



Was there one event or catalyst that led to you “pulling the trigger” on finally making the jump to open your own company and launch your platform? How long had you been dreaming of doing this for?

Honestly, this has been something that has been on my mind since I was in chiropractic school. I always dreamed of doing something large scale that could bring people together and help them. Through the years I have had many notebooks and pieces of paper on which I would write down my ideas of what things would look like, but I never actually formulated a business plan around it. I had many pieces of inspiration and dreams but it was never solidified. While I was working in a practice after I graduated from chiropractic school, I loved serving patients, but there was a big part of me that wanted to be my own boss and answer to myself every day. I also started to get a little (okay, actually very) worn out. I felt that I could not serve others to the best of my ability because my own life wasn't in balance. I was stressed, tired, unbalanced, and it showed. I would come home after a 13 hour day and just crash on the couch. I felt a discrepancy toward what I believed in was healthy and advice I would give to people and the life I was actually living. I knew I had to make a change, but I wasn't sure exactly how to do so. 

 What made me actually take the jump to start my own company was the death of my mom in October of 2018. I was so torn up and heartbroken, and the only thing I could focus on to bring myself some sort of peace was following my heart and inspiration for building and launching my platform. I poured my heart and soul into creating my website and learning everything I could about online business and it gave me a space for a creative and healing outlet. This company was something I had talked with my mom about a lot, and while the ideas were still fluid at the time, she always believed in me and supported my dreams. She always had the best advice and knowledge and to her I'm so grateful for giving me the courage and strength to start Mind Body Aligned. With such a loss, I also found that life is fleeting, we have our special time on this earth to enjoy the journey and make a difference and I knew that I had to follow my heart and that purpose in order to find peace and fulfillment. 

 What has been the most challenging aspect of your journey so far? And what has been the most rewarding? 

The most challenging aspect has been learning about entrepreneurship and business somewhat on my own. I love school and structured learning, so it's been a different journey learning on my own but it is also fun.  Learning how to build a website, researching content marketing, and growing my sales knowledge has all been a challenge. Whenever I feel stuck I try to find the fun in stretching different rubber bands of my brain to keep getting better and remember that is a process, and not everything has to happen overnight.  

 The most rewarding part has been having people reach out to me and tell me that they are loving my message and what I'm building and that I'm impacting them. I have loved helping people since I can remember, so having that feeling of helping someone feel better is deeply impactful to me. It is also great motivation for continued content creation and that my work is helping people on a daily basis. 

 The fact that you have researched and figured ALL of this out on your own is incredible. How did you even know where to begin?? How did you keep going when you got discouraged?

Thank goodness for my boyfriend, honestly. It would have been much more difficult to begin this process without his support. He is great at the back end of website design and development and gave me the idea for using an all inclusive platform that would serve my needs. I had so many pieces of paper and ideas all over the place, so I knew I had to sit down and ask myself- what is it that I want my brand to be and stand for? What message do I feel compelled to share with the world? From there I came across an online health and wellness business course and doing that provided me with more information for getting started as well. Every day I watch webinars and videos giving me more information on how to build and the best way to do so. That being said, it is still very much a work in progress. Every day comes with new (exciting) challenges and the next step of how to grow the business and get better. Listening to other entrepreneurs and their struggles really helps to give me renewed courage and strength. Hearing how people "failed" so many times but kept going and pushing really lights me up. Thinking about "failures" as stepping stones to your goals rather than an ending point is such a key thought shift that I had to have many times and still continue to work on remembering when I get discouraged. Working on my own positive mindset is a continued practice, and while it can be hard at times, I love it. Leaning on others is something I'm working on too. People want to be there for you and supportive so I am working to be better about reaching out and letting them. 

 What advice would you give for aspiring entrepreneurs...particularly female entrepreneurs? 

First of all, you can do anything you put your mind to. Yes, the journey can be difficult, but you will get to a point where the path you're on isn't aligning with your heart or your true purpose. You'll be able to feel that disconnect and it will be even more uncomfortable than the uncertainty of the unknown path you are about to embark on. I think that as girls/young women/women we can get caught into this web of feeling like whatever we are good at we should stick to that. Female entrepreneurs of any age should know and remember that it's okay to "fail". It's okay to feel like you're not where you want to be yet, or have a certain skill, but the keyword there is YET. Remember that you can put in the work and you can get there. Everyone had to start somewhere and that somewhere starts with a dream that you can't give up. There will be good days and bad days where you don't feel like you're succeeding but its okay because it's all part of the journey.  What it comes down to is how much fight and determination you have, and to never let yourself or anyone stop you from achieving what you want to build. People, myself included, may think that things happen overnight, but it's really not the case. You need to have the grit and resolve to put in the daily work to hit big results. 

How have your family, friends and colleagues reacted to all of this?? 

My family has been so supportive! I've had so much positivity and intrigue from them which is amazing. They're always there to lift me up and support me during tough times. They celebrate the little victories with me which is a great feeling. It's not a "normal" job that I'm working toward per say, so there were some questions on what I was working to build and how it would work, but those are all good questions for me to continually think through and come up with new solutions as well. I'm lucky that I have so many positive people in my corner that would help me in a heart beat.

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