Dreaming one step at a time

Dreaming one step at a time

Writing this post to you from a quiet weekend away with my other half. We spent our New Years 2018 here too and I spent so much of that time writing about what I hoped would come to pass in the next year. And I want to talk what can seem to be a scary and complicated topic: manifesting and achieving dreams. 

And I want to dispel the complicated part! There’s a part of all of our brains that wants to make it complicated for a couple of reasons. For me, the main reason is I want a reason for why I’m not “there yet”. But when we strip away all that noise, this process is actually very simple. 

This world is insanely powerful. Think about the things in your life that have happened purely by chance. Think about how many incredible circumstances had to arise for you to meet the love of your life, or be saved from a critical illness. How many variables could have been different...but they weren’t! They were all lined up in a row and sometimes all we’ve had to do is walk the line. I just want to remind you of the power that this universe holds (you can swap universe in or out for whatever higher power you wish!).

That being said, when things don’t happen with zero work on our part, we think achieving dreams and goals is complicated, fraught with having to know all the right information, and having to make every right decision along the way.  I know I’m not the only one!!!  I often don’t attribute achieving goals I’ve really had to work at to the universe.  But here is where we’re getting mixed up:

For any dream or goal you have, here’s the big secret: all you have to do is keep taking 1 step forward at a time. Take one action towards it. Then, when that’s done, take another. And then another. And JUST KEEP GOING!  Now, in your head you might be thinking: but there’s so many circumstances that I have to control for and one thing at a time is too slow and I need tons of external resources like money and people’s help etc etc etc. 

We think we have to have the entire journey planned out to even get started.

Here’s where it gets fun- there are circumstances beyond what you could even dream up that are going to help you achieve your goal. And the best part is- you don’t have to be in charge of it!! If you keep taking consistent steps forward, the universe truly will provide people, resources, and experiences that you couldn’t have planned better yourself. 

The universe works through people, experiences, and resources to support you in your dreams. How many times in your life has exactly the right person showed up at exactly the right time? Have you ever been thinking of needing help or support and then someone in your life offers it “out of the blue”? 

This is not an accident. This is it!! 

With whatever goals you have in your life right now, take time now to write down 1 thing you can do to move forward. And keep showing up for it. When that step has reached a logical conclusion, take another step.

When you get caught in your head, and it’s going to happen no worries, remind yourself of all the times in life you thought you’d hit a setback and really it was the setup for an incredible circumstance that you could never have predicted. I don’t believe in coincidence anymore you guys, because it doesn’t exist!! 

I promise you, the universe has a plan for you that you could never have dreamed up yourself. Whatever you’re imagining now, what is waiting for you on the other side is even better than that. 

Wishing you patience, trust, gratitude, and a sense of wonder today for everything that’s ahead of you. No matter where we are, we have already arrived and it is already written. I promise you it really is that simple, even when it doesn’t seem like it

With love,


PS for more on this topic, read absolutely anything and everything by Mike Dooley!!

We'll all float on okay

We'll all float on okay

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