Listening for a better life

Listening for a better life

HELLO Loving Lately readers!  Today I want to introduce you to another incredible (and FREE!) resource that both Kelly and I use to supercharge our lives and overall just feel happier and more connected with our world.

PODCASTS!  We LOOOOVE podcasts.  Seriously.  You can download these radio programs off of the podcasts app on an iPhone or download a podcast app from the Google Play store on Android.  Podcasts are on demand radio programs that you can listen to wherever and whenever you'd like...on any topic you can imagine.  I love to listen while I drive (I know Kelly and Mike have a ritual for listening to Yoga Girl's podcast while commuting together), while I clean or cook, and even when I'm winding down for the night.  Scott and I have some that we both listen to on the way to/from work and when we come home we chat about this week's episodes!  It sounds funny, but it really feels so intimate and friendly to listen to some of your favorite personalities in your ear or on your stereo.  This is radio for the new age listener!

I've rounded up my absolute favorite podcasts on the topics of personal development...but don't be fooled into thinking "personal development" means that they're boring.  These are world renowned experts in their field who still manage to give down to earth advice and I truly feel like when I listen to them, we are simply close friends catching up and learning together.  

From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

OK so Kelly and I both have a serious crush on Rachel Brathen AKA Yoga Girl.  World-wide famous yoga instructor, she is as real, genuine, and honest as it gets.  Listen to her talk about her life (which is far from instagram yoga perfect, although that was originally her claim to fame) as she navigates, marriage, friendship, judgment, grief, parenting, and running multiple international businesses.  Every time I listen to Rachel I feel like I'm sitting with her at her yoga studio, catching up over a coffee or a smoothie.  She just has that effect on me.  And I'm obsessed with her genuine attitude towards life and her rejection of "perfect" health models.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

This podcast is SUCH A GEM!  HP and the sacred text is two amazing hosts Casper and Vanessa who read Harry Potter similarly to how someone would read a sacred book, such as the bible.  They go chapter by chapter, and read it through a theme and then talk about what it inspires them to do in their own lives and what we can learn about ourselves through Harry's journey in the books.  This podcasts got me through so so so many tough nights during chemotherapy when I felt anxious and depressed.  Their voices and beautiful friendship calmed me down and anything to do with Harry Potter just makes me feel like a kid again, discovering the magic for the first time.  There is always more we can learn from our favorite texts, and this is the perfect format to do so.


My other crush.. GRETCHEN RUBIN!  I just love her.  Everything she does to me, is gold.  Bestselling author, she started with The Happiness Project and just kept delving into the world of happiness, human nature, and habits.  Her and her sister Liz host this podcast where they share with listeners, strategies and real world tips to be happier.  There is no advice podcast more genuine and realistic than Happier.  Seriously, listen to one episode and you'll have easy to implement and effective suggestions on how to be...Happier!  I'm in love with both of the sisters realness and Gretchen has truly changed my life in more ways than I can count.  

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

I grew up watching Oprah with my Mom, and now Oprah shares her unbelievably soul stirring conversations with some of the most inspiring guests on the planet.  My favorite episodes include Tracy Jordan- who speaks of losing a parent to HIV/AIDS, growing up in a drug war, recovering from alcoholism, and leaning how to walk and talk again after a car accident that killed one of his best friends and critically injured Tracy himself.  TALK ABOUT INSPIRATION!  He approaches the hardest things in life with candor, humor, and a determination and will to live.  And Joe Biden, who talks about losing his baby and first wife in a car accident, raising his boys alone, meeting and falling in love with his second wife, and losing his son Beau so young to cancer.  Joe remembers his father asking "When did anybody tell you that life was going to be fair?" and speaks of life after loss and tragedy and how we pick up the pieces and continue to love.  RuPaul on how we're born ourselves and everything else is just drag.  Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, Pema Chodron, Shonda Rimes, Tony Robbins, Paulo Coelho, Glennon Doyle, I could literally go on and on.  And Oprah interviews them and shares their wisdom like only Oprah can.

Tara Brach

Tara is an acclaimed Buddhist meditation teacher who shares her talks on every aspect of life and how we can bring humor, mindfulness, and love to any and everything we encounter.  I honestly can't do Tara justice by writing about just have to listen.  I was fortunate enough to hear her speak at a daylong meditation retreat in 2017 and it will remain always one of the most unique and comforting experiences of my life.  By the end of a talk, she'll have you zenned out, full of gratitude and grace, and with a smile and a laugh too.

The Model Health Show  

Shawn Stevenson is an author, nutritionist, and trainer who interviews some of the best minds in health and wellness as well as shares his own personal knowledge.  Shawn healed himself from a so called "incurable" spinal condition, and has overcome an incredible amount of personal hardship to get where he is today.  He is a true example of someone who speaks from a place of walking his walk and talking his talk.  

Secrets to Success Podcast

E.T. or Dr. Eric Thomas is a world-renowned speaker and motivator, who went from being homeless and lifted his way out of incredibly harsh circumstances to build an international business and is now the most sought after speaker on the planet.  I can't believe how generous ET is in giving so much inspiration and advice in this podcast with his two business partners.  And they do it all with humor, humility, and real world perspective.  Seriously, this pod always has me laughing out loud mixed with wanting to be the best version of myself which is the best combination I can think of!


Sending you tons of love today and hoping you find a new podcast that makes you feel happier, healthier, and full of love for your own life.




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The sun, the sand, the sea...and us three!

The sun, the sand, the sea...and us three!