The sun, the sand, the sea...and us three!

"I love my friends neither with my heart nor with my mind. Just in heart might stop. My mind may forget. I love them with my soul. My soul never stops or forgets" - Rumi

All of these quotes sum up so perfectly how I've been feeling lately. This post isn't going to be embedded with sage wisdom or earth shattering advice. I'm not going to stress over it's length or it's composure - rather it's going to encompass what we initially envisioned when Allison proposed the title of the blog....something I have really been loving lately!! For me these past few weeks it's been simple: friendship. So this post is all about the celebration, and necessity, of one's best friends. Of girl time. Of escaping reality. Of refreshing your soul.

That tapping thing

I think one of the most frustrating things about how we as a culture talk about stress is that we constantly emphasize how bad stress is for you, but offer very little in terms of actual effective and easy to use tools to use to reduce our stress and create happier, healthier lives.  

Enter: that tapping thing.  AKA EFT (emotional freedom technique) or tapping.

The Power of I: Intuition & Intention Setting

"Within every storm there is intention, strength, and beauty" 

Ever since I was a little girl countless people have referred to me as an old soul. Being an old soul is often associated with having experience, wisdom, or a deeper understanding of the world around you. Am I an old soul simply because of all I have experienced, and been witness to, in my mere 29 years? Furthermore, many believe old souls are individuals who have learned from past lives or even incarnations.

The only diet you need in 2018: a social media diet

We all lead super full lives, there's no question about it.  And maybe, there's a priority in your life that you'd like to spend more time on.  Maybe it's your family, your partner, or your friends (or all of the above!).  Maybe it's a hobby that you absolutely love but never have time to devote to.  Or maybe it's a whole new activity- you'd like to take up yoga or sign up for a local art class.  But you just never seem to have the time.

What if I told you, that you could literally increase the number of hours in the day?  Just kidding.  I'm not magic (my Hogwarts letter got lost in the owl post!). 

To be totally honest with you guys, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to swing my Loving Lately post this month. The sh*t basically hit the fan last Friday night and our world blew up a little. Loving Lately has hands down been one of the best things about this year for me. I take writing for the blog very seriously and my writing process and timeline is usually pretty planned and precise. But this post? Well this post is going to be messy and raw and vulnerable and probably unedited.

In this piece I really wanted to showcase others perspectives as opposed to just mine. The flip side of the coin. The stories of those who provide love and care to us. Who nourish us and allow us to be who we are. To feel what we feel. I decided to briefly interview four of the most impressive caregivers I know (excluding my husband, as ours is a story for another time): my grandmother, my mom, my dad and Stacy