In this piece I really wanted to showcase others perspectives as opposed to just mine. The flip side of the coin. The stories of those who provide love and care to us. Who nourish us and allow us to be who we are. To feel what we feel. I decided to briefly interview four of the most impressive caregivers I know (excluding my husband, as ours is a story for another time): my grandmother, my mom, my dad and Stacy

You & (the real) Me

Millions of times I’ve wanted to write about you and me.  But I’ve never really had the right words.  I’ve started and never finished so many pieces, there being no way to wrap what we are up into a neat little bow.

One of the biggest roadblocks to the management of our mental health is rooted in our innate fear of failure. So many of these self-help books by big name motivational speakers can often do more harm than good. Readers often end up feeling increased pressure to solve their issues in the inspired “go big or go home” mindset of some of these authors and become discouraged when they can’t adhere to these massive changes for an extended period of time.'re going where?! was the response I got from essentially everyone when I told them that Mike and I would be traveling to Albania this past August. Most people can't even find Albania on a map, let alone conceptualize traveling there, but we are now among the fortune few who have!

Last night I had the privilege of being asked to speak at the Executives with Heart Networking and Leadership Reception for the 2017 Greater Washington Region Heart Walk. For the past few years Mike and I have actively participated in, and fundraised for, the Congenital Heart walks

Although it sounds cliché, and is often not what one with chronic illness wants to hear, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. While I don't identify as particularly religious, I do consider myself extremely spiritual and in tune with the universe